Thank you @nathanveshecco for including me in this mass request.
  1. What Have I Done?
    An upbeat number about my reaction after I finish an entire season of Seinfeld in one day. It will be be like an upbeat Sia song.
  2. I Wore This Yesterday
    Pretty self-explanatory
  3. Frizzy Hair
    A very electronic vibe. Also very relatable.
  4. Waiting is Hard
    A ballad about waiting for Zayn's new song to come out on Friday. Hopefully, one day, Celine Dion will cover this song.
  5. Sweaters Forever
    Sounds a little like Sweater Weather, except it's literally only about how nice sweaters are.
  6. The Wind Makes Me Cry
    A heartbreaking song about cold Ohio weather. The chorus will make everyone cry (just like the wind). It will have a nice Joni Mitchell vibe.
  7. Ten Dollars
    Basically I'm assuming this will become the anthem of everyone's life. Everything over ten dollars is too expensive. This will be another heartbreaking song with a killer rap verse. I'm hoping Jay Z will help me out with this one.
  8. Everything Dies
    A song about my phone dying at the worst possible times.