Home is always a beautiful place, but after being away for school for months it's even better
  1. Food. Actual good food that you don't have to buy.
    Good that does not come from a dining hall. Food that you don't have to wait in line for.
  2. My dog
    It's so sad. There are no dogs in college. That is one thing that should be changed.
  3. Mom and Dad
    I love my parents so much. I miss them so much. Seeing them is the best part of going home.
  4. No classes
    Going to classes gets so old after awhile. It's nice to have a break.
  5. No people
    There always people everywhere. Walking to class? People. Back at your room? People. Eating food? People. Home is where the people aren't.
  6. But also, people
    Seeing friends from home is always nice. Hearing about their time at college or wherever they are. Looking back on "the good old days", that you realize were actually awful.