Inspired by @Peace_Out_List
  1. I'd like to start by saying I'm imagining I'm at Bill's Donuts in Ohio. One of the best donut shops I have visited.
  2. 1 peanut butter filled with chocolate icing
    Their peanut butter filling is a dream. Just enough peanut butter flavor so it's not overwhelming.
  3. 2 whole wheat donuts
    I know what you're thinking. Are you kidding me? Whole wheat donuts? Do you hate yourself??!!? THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL AND DELICIOUS. GO TRY ONE OR TWELVE
  4. 2 blueberry donuts
    Tastes like actual real blueberries
  5. 1 chocolate cream donut
    Confession: I have come to this shop multiple times and ordered a chocolate cream donut, chocolate milk, and a chocolate muffin
  6. 1 pumpkin donut
    Acceptable to eat in any season no matter what anyone says
  7. 1 Butter twist
    The classic. Everyone says to order this one. For good reason.
  8. 1 applesauce donut
    Because I never tried this, and always wanted to. Now seems like the time.
  9. 1 donut with maple icing
    Maple is the love of my life
  10. 1 cinnamon roll donut
    I almost forgot about this one. SO GOOD.
  11. And for my last donut, I choose to get another whole wheat donut
    You guys have no idea how good these are
  12. I have eaten so many donuts in my life