1. Book at least 10 weddings this year
    It is my dream to become a full time wedding photographer. 25 is my ultimate goal but I know I need to start small at first.
  2. Go on at least six photography adventures that take me 2+ hours from home
    Big bear, salvation mountain, Portland, Joshua tree, glamis. Just to name a few.
  3. Buy a 35 mm lens
    34 mm 1.4 = my favorite lens 💕 I need to figure out if I want the sigma art or the canon and that is the hardest part. They're both different but amazing.
  4. Attend at least two conferences to help me improve myself and my business
  5. Read more books
    Because reading is always cool. Forever.
  6. Connect with more like minded people
    Creative + business owners
  7. Do styled shoots
    Ideas floating in my head, get them out, experiment!
  8. Be MORE generous
  9. Blog more
    Get on a schedule for blogging. I want my blog to be more personal than just showing shoots I've done.
  10. Take photos everyday
    365 challenge? Maybe I'll start that right now.