We don't see very many rainy days in Southern California and I wish I didn't have to waste it by abandoning my bed and going to work. I can think of a few things that would be better than getting out of bed and living my life on days like today.
  1. Cuddling with my love
    There's nothing like a good cuddling marathon accompanied by the sound of rain. Cuddling is also even more sweet when you're warm in bed and you know outside of your cocoon of blankets it's pretty chilly.
  2. Read
    I have a long list that I haven't even made a dent in
  3. Cross stitch portraits of my favorite friends to give to them for Christmas
  4. Catch up on podcasts
    This American life, the last podcasts on the left, the serial serial podcast... So many!
  5. Drink a cup of tea
    Constant comment tea 🙌🏻
  6. Day dream about going to Portland in February
    Probably make a list of all the places (coffee shops) I want to visit while we are there. Okay I'm so giddy just thinking about going! I 💕💕 Portland!
  7. Paint my nails
    I actually should just go out and get a manicure and pedicure.
  8. Crochet
    I could make myself a cute new beanie or scarf. You can never have too many.
  9. Work on business stuff
    Contracts, model releases, just get my paperwork stuff together.. You know all the exciting perks of owning and running a business. (It's totally fun to me though).
  10. Oh yeah... SLEEP!
    What was I thinking?! 😴💤💤
  11. Make a to do list for the day
  12. Online shop for shoes
    This pair I want from forever 21 is sold out but I check daily anyway. Just in case they come back and forgot to send me an email alert.
  13. Rebrand: colors
    Should probably think of the colors I want to change my logo to. Hmmmm. Help! What colors make you think of me?
  14. Take selfies
    Duh! Me and @TinierTim laying in bed.. How sweet! Let's remember this rare rainy day in bed.
  15. Talk about Star Wars
    We could also watch theory videos on you tube to see what we might have missed
  16. Eat breakfast
    One of us is going to have to get out of bed. If only there were a delivery service that would deliver (or teleport) food to people while they stay in bed..maybe this promotes laziness and obesity though. Okay never mind but it was fun to think about for a second.
  17. Spoon
    I'm the baby spoon this time though!
  18. Make a list of things to make lists about
    I love lists!