1. Started With this pre-dinner warning from @daci
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  2. And then led to the question "Should I go downstairs and get the Judaica?" @hjgjhhh
  3. Judaica
    Which, Daci explained, "we only have because we got married."
  4. Yoni lighting the candles while saying, "usually the woman does this..."
  5. Yoni starting to say the HaMotzi and Daci yelling that she got to do it.
    "It's the ONLY thing women get to do."
  6. I asked why the woman covers her face when praying the HaMotzi
    And Yoni made something up about smoke getting in your eyes.
  7. (Daci did not cover her face.)
    She was busy trying to keep a baby safe/entertained
  8. I asked why the bread was covered with the Judaica.
    No one knew.
  9. I hypothesized it was to keep the flies off.
    And then felt bad for intimating that Israel is full of flies.
  10. I think we forgot to pray over the wine.
    Mostly because we were drinking cider.
  11. Matzo ball soup
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    Harper kept telling me the noodles were worms.
  12. A chicken
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    Which Yoni went out at bought at the last minute because all of our dinner planning conversations were so sarcastic no one was sure if there would be actual food.
  13. And because "you gotta have chicken at Shabbat dinner."
  14. Challah
  15. Ham
    Right? We brought the ham.
  16. The horribly sacrilegious ham was deliciously roasted with squash and...Gruyere stuffing.
  17. This is not kosher.
    Not even on the same planet as kosher.
  18. But it was delicious.
  19. (When I asked if we could put ham in the stuffing, Daci said it was okay.
    "But," she added "you shouldn't make a habit of bringing ham to Shabbat dinner.")
  20. Also, she said, "I prefer pork belly."
    I said that we all do.
  21. Kugel.
  22. Tiny grocery store cupcakes with bright orange or purple frosting.
    Courtesy of my two-year olds, who picked them out "for the party."
  23. A part of the evening where Daci called yoni on the phone from the kitchen (he was in the garage) to see if he had put the chicken carcass away..
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    Or if Ike the dog had just eaten all of it while we were reading to the children not 10 feet away.
  24. (Yoni had put away the chicken.
    All Ike got was broccoli.)
  25. One of my two year olds saying Shabbat Shalom adorably when asked, "can you say...?"
  26. The other two year old saying, "no."