1. Pro: it's free
    You might have a sheet you don't need. That makes it free.
  2. Pro: it's cheap
    If not, you can go to a thrift store and buy one for like $5. That's cheap.
  3. Pro: v easy costume
    If you went to the thrift store, you'll wash the sheet. If not: JUST CUT EYE HOLES. Bam. Done.
  4. Pro: you can take this sweet ass photo
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    Right? 👻👻
  5. CON: you can't drive in that thing
  6. CON: you can barely walk in that thing
  7. CON: you totally can't DRINK in that thing
  8. CON: it's super hot in that thing
  9. CON: you're saying SORRY all night
  10. Con: you're saying OOPS all night
  11. Con: you're either drinking and eating under the sheet
    Which is hot and stupid.
  12. Con: or you're taking the whole damn sheet off to eat/drink
    Which is essentially REMOVING/ruining the costume
  13. Con: you can try drinking through the eyehole
    If you can get it lined with your mouth
  14. Con: you can't
    And now you're a wet ghost
  15. Con: you can't talk to people at the party in that thing
    It's loud. It's dark. You can barely see. They can't see your mouth and can't hear you telling. They don't even know you're trying to yell.
  16. Con: you may as well not be at the party
    Can't eat. Cant drink. Cant talk. Cant see. No one can see who you are and therefore no one knows you're there.
  17. A great idea I just had
    Hire someone to go to the party you said you'd go as a ghost in a bed sheet. Stay home. Tomorrow, say you were there. You know, The ghost.