We are taking a Team Effectiveness Profile at a work retreat. These five highly emotive people emblazon the cover. Their eyes say...
  1. ...
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  2. White lady
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    So intrigued. Ready to develop strategic plans to create the highly effective team of the future. A little concerned too, tbh.
  3. Black man
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    Terrified, tbh. What are these white people thinking? Is this one of those standardized tests that black people disproportionately fail? Am I going to get fired later?
  4. Asian woman
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    Token Asian. Adequately blank faced. Ready to accept any emotion you want her to. Alternatively: OMG WHAT ARE WE DOING. ACT NORMAL.
  5. Black woman
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    Fake smiling, making subtle eye contact with Black man, hoping this doesn't get ugly.
  6. White guy
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    Smug AF. Knows he's ACING this anonymous questionnaire.