Such a good film with great actors and potential and then a few real annoying things. If you admit that the storyline is only 50% based on real life, then you have all the freedom to make a real narrative arc. Just saying. ALSO SPOILER ALERT.
  1. Why is her son never in the film?
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    Like she always talks about having two kids but through most of the movie they only ever show her daughter. I started wondering if they ran out of money to hire actors...and later I thought maybe this was part of the story. HE WAS CONSPICUOUSLY ABSENT.
  2. What's with the class ring they keep zooming in on?
    Can't remember who was wearing it.
  3. What's with the break in the narrative to the death of Mimi?
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    And why do they make us wait so long to see who died? And both me and my husband later admitted we thought maybe her son died, since we never saw him...
  4. What's with the crazy melodramatic music?
    I NEVER notice soundtrack music. But this was ridiculous.
  5. What's with the end?
    It's almost like the director filmed four-fifths of the thing and then was like, "Eff it. Can someone else rapidly wrap this up for me? DOESN'T HAVE TO BE GOOD JUST GO"
  6. Like, why does Joy suddenly become stuck behind a desk in the last scenes?
    Are you telling me that the warm and wonderful Joy sees her mentor and the guy who gave her her first big break and she's not going to stand up or hug him or at least give him a handshake?
  7. Who did Joy's hair for that last scene?!?!?!?