1. You have different definitions of "eternal."
    For them, eternal families exist with rituals and payment. For you, eternal is simple. As long as I can fathom I'll love you. No conditions or contacts or payments, just devotion.
  2. You know they see you as second class.
    "I don't hate you, I just hate your lifestyle." "We have to be part of your wedding, even though you had to babysit outside for ours."
  3. You're equally afraid of losing each other
    Eggshells layer every conversation
  4. They think the people of the world are either simple or evil, this makes you sad
    No, gay marriage isn't bringing on the apocalypse. It's gonna be okay. And you shouldn't want that anyway! And other cultures aren't less intelligent. Come on.
  5. You can see them being more susceptible to scams.
    Utah is the pyramid scheme capital of the world. But also, you admire how deeply they want to be perceived by Others as "good. " Speaking of which ...
  6. Perception > Reality
    What other people think you are is more important than what you are. You're not actually a good parent unless the community accepts you. You aren't faithful until the community pats you on the back for declaring it. You follow the rules, you stay in line, you keep your head down, you fit in.
  7. I'm still afraid
    Something is wrong with me? I don't know how to believe? I just want to break all the rules but don't want to feel guilty? But .... "still I know there's so much more to find, just by looking at myself and not at them. Still I know to trust my own true mind and to say there's a way through this" ...?