How to experiment with drinks

I worked in a bar for a bit. I didn't learn shit working there, but I pretend I did.
  1. Step 1: Start with a well known drink, one you know you like.
    Tonight I went with classic Cosmo: lime juice, triple sec (or contreau if you're fancy), vodka, cranberry juice. Shake over ice. Pour. Garnish. Drink.
  2. Step 2: Try an already known or small tweak.
    In this case we have the Appletini. Everything is the same as above, but instead of cranberry you do a shot of sour apple pucker. Yum!
  3. Step 3: Go wild!
    Instead of Apple Pucker I went with Melon. I wanted to swap in cucumber vodka, that probably would have been delicious, but there was none so I went with coconut vodka instead
  4. Step 4: Realize you've made a huge mistake
    Too sweet, so I watered it down with diet mtn dew. That didn't help. But I got to call it a "Dew Mango Nutz"
  5. Step 5: Give up. Beer works too.
    (Conversely, on a night where you don't have to be responsible, try at least three more combinations, the more drunk you are the better they taste)