Inspired by @LizDawson
  1. I believe you're not allowed to argue about something you haven't thoroughly researched
    Free speech sure, but ignorance isn't a valid opinion, and it's not as equally valuable as another person's knowledge.
  2. I believe the far left lane on a highway should only be used for actively passing another vehicle.
    Get outta mah way!
  3. I believe the best sound to fall asleep to is rain on a tent roof.
  4. I believe puppy/kitty kisses can fix anything
    They're goddamn fluff wizards
  5. I believe if I'm watching a sunrise I'd better have a warm drink in my hand.
    I blame coffee commercials for this necessity
  6. I believe wine snobbery is bullshit
    Drink it from a box if you want, never spend more than $20 on a bottle, I can pair white with steak and red with chicken if I darn well want to! I'm not part of your system!
  7. I believe whiskey snobbery is not bullshit
    If it's silver, it ain't worth ruining this liver
  8. I believe books are the best conversation starters
  9. I believe gossip is the best conversation ender
    "Then Sarah-" oh no my uber is here! You'll have to email me a summary byeeee
  10. I believe cookies are the "walkie talkies" of baking
    You mean you cook them? 😮 They should be called sugar-discs but whatever all mighty namer of things.