Brb, eating piles of nigiri
  1. Spicy Salmon Crispy Rice Burger
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    Found at Cafe Sushi. I shouldn't have to explain the amazement of salmon crispy rice in burger form. But in case you need some details: buttery salmon tartare, fried crispy rice buns, sexy avocado. Go for the lunch special, you won't regret it
  2. Five Hand Rolls
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    Found at Kazu Nori. Get the five hand roll combo which includes: special of day (toro or yellowtail...both are AMAZE) salmon scallop or cucumber (get'll need the fresh break after what's coming next) blue crab lobster You'll be full. You'll be happy. You'll be blessed.
  3. Trust Me Lunch
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    Found at Sugarfish. Same owner as Kazu Nori but specializing in pre-sauced, warm rice sushi. The lunch spread consists of sashimi, handrolls, nigiri, and even edamame. Trust me and get the "Trust Me" Lunch.
  4. Senfuku Roll
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    Found at Senfuku. My little neighborhood family spot serves up an eight fish + avocado roll deep fried in tempura batter. The fish is just barely cooked, the outside is crispy, and when served with ponzu sauce...tears.
  5. Yellowtail Krispy Rice
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    Found at Sushi Enya. Find me here every other weekend getting this dish. I love the buttery yellowtail and crispy rice base topped with green onion and smelt. It melts in your mouth.
  6. Toro Nigiri
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    Found at Sushi Gen. Los Angeles sushi done so right. Don't leave here without a perfectly crafted piece (or five) of toro nigiri. With a light dip in soy sauce, you'll never stop eating this rich tasting fish.