Allow Me to Listroduce Myself

  1. Cass
    Or Qua, Quasi, or Cassie.
  2. 26yo
  3. Aries
    Doesn't matter but it's cool.
  4. Favorite color is blue and shades of blue green.
    Used to be green and took me awhile to accept the change.
  5. Words are important.
    I don't take offense or am bothered by them. But specific words used in usernames and adjectives are important to me.
  6. I like fairies.
    I've replaced mermaids with them. I don't like mermaids anymore.
  7. I dropped out of college.
    Ten years to graduate due to working two jobs and the debt I would create ultimately isn't worth it. So now I'm $20K in debt to the government.
  8. I like working out.
  9. I have three black cats.
    I don't believe in magic but I like witches, stories, and the idea of magic.
  10. I like lists.
    And plans and schedules.
  11. I work two jobs.
    One I've been at 7+ years and another for a couple months.
  12. I hate political correctness.
  13. I try to avoid the news.
    Too much negativity and I just don't want any part of it.
  14. Engaged.
    He's the best person in the world. Just a fact. Flaws and all, I wouldn't trade him for the world.