I have a badly fractured tooth at the moment, with an infection going into the root. Recently, I've eaten stuff that I've found it unwise to have eaten.
  1. Ice
    Specifically, the little ball I've from Bush's a Chicken, which is similar to the ice from Sonic. I did this twice, because I am not a smart woman.
  2. Ice cream
    This was not AS bad as the ice, but still a little owie. This was a Good Humour Girl Scout Cookie Thin Mint ice cream sandwich, and it was delicious.
  3. Sunflower seeds
    I added some to a salad, and I only crunched on the fractured tooth side once, but it could've been way worse.
  4. Mints
    I haven't really been able to chew gum for a few years, so I switched to kings, but sometimes I crunch those, and yeah, that sucks.
  5. Assorted things I chew on but don't eat
    Pen caps, my fingernails, my cuticles, pieces of plastic tags for clothing... It's all unwise to chew on.