These are just a few core problems. This is for a woman's wholesale clothing company. In need to reach out to bigger companies.
  1. Keeping walk-in customers
    Can't seem to establish solid repeated business; hit and miss. CRM does not apply in wholesale?
  2. Finding companies to sell to...
    How to approach?
  3. Keeping inventory
    FUCK. Is it so hard for my vendor to send me a spec'd list of the inventory that's coming in? This is a waste of time and labor for my Community Wizard.
  4. Storage
    Running out quickly. Selling slowly.
  5. Exposure
    How to apply marketing for B2B opportunities?
  6. CC Processing
    As of now it would be a waste of $ but if I do make a $10-100k sale, I can't use Square. And getting that setup will take time, so...its not fun. Checks can bounce. Cash is hardly done for such quantity. Cashier checks cost customers money and its an inconvenience for them.