1. Go out - there are hundreds of bars and cozy cafes around town
  2. Order Cevapchichi at 'Kalenic', old restaurant in the leafy Vracar area. If you like grilled meat you will come back
  3. Go to Beton Hala for a night cap
  4. Enjoy the independence of the place. Serbia is still not a part of the E.U so laws are different : try home made cheese, or local brandy. If you are a smoker you will be able to smoke anywhere. If you are a non-smoker you will still smell of cigarette smoke as everyone else will be smoking
  5. Look out for the soc-realist architecture. The ghost of old communist times still hang around
  6. Talk to locals. Almost everyone speaks English. This is not a megalopolis, people are friendly and will take time to find out more about you and tell you about themselves
  7. Enjoy the weather. If you come in spring/summer most days will be sunny
  8. Go to a boat party
  9. Try Turkish black coffee and ask someone to read from your coffee cup