I was in the midst of moving but had planned on going to a house party to ring in 2016
  1. The night before (or in the wee hours of NYE) I was baking caramel slices and brownies for the nye party I was going to
    This lasted till 1.30am because I had been moving all all and gotten home late from being fed by great mates
  2. I woke up early to drop more things off to my new place
  3. Then pick up my mum at the train station
    She was coming in to help me out then we were going to head to the airport to see off my cousin who was back in town for a fortnight
  4. When I got to the train station, my mum announced that she had to go back home as my dad had gone home from work unwell
    I offered to drive her, but she was sure everything was ok and it would be faster by train
  5. I stopped by the garden shop to get some pot plants for my new place
  6. Got home to change out of my moving clothes
    I have become one of those people who wear active wear but are steering clear of the gym.., it was the most comfy moving outfit
  7. I headed to the airport and called my brother to get his take on our dad
    He was sure it was nothing so I relaxed
  8. I spent some time at the airport with my cousin and her family before her flight to Singapore
  9. On my way home I called my mum who told me they were heading to the hospital for tests
    I wasn't panicked because the excuse was that bring NYE, they would get results immediately rather than waiting until the 4th
  10. I continued with my move with a quick stop at the hardware shop
  11. My brother called concerned
  12. My mother called to describe my dad's condition: head ache, dizziness, slurred speech and one side of his face had gone droopy
    I immediately suspected a stroke
  13. I called my brother and we decided to forgo our respective NYE parties and head home
  14. I got home and my mum told me to hold off heading back yo their place as I didn't have keys and they were stuck in the hospital
    I don't know why she didn't want me to go to the hospital and it just occurred to me that that is what I should have done
  15. So I continued packing my old place and drank the last glass of red wine
  16. I called my friend up to tell her that I couldn't come to their party but I needed them to swing by and pick up the baking
    For some reason I gave them the spare keys to my current and new place, just in case...
  17. Then I went down to load my car
  18. In the lift I realised I didn't have my house keys
  19. I live in a super secure building and I couldn't open the lift on my floor as I didn't have my buzzer
  20. I headed to the ground floor to buzz building management... But no one responded
  21. I waited for a neighbour to buzz me up just in case I had left the door unlocked
    I have once locked myself out of my flat, throwing the trash out and it cost me over $300 as it was Sunday... It would cost more at 3pm on NYE
  22. No neighbors, so I tried to buzz each of them ad they were the only ones who could buzz me up to my level... No response
  23. I tried again and one responded and let me back into my building and up to my level
  24. But my door was locked
  25. I knocked on the kind neighbors' door to see if I could borrow their computer and phone
    I had my friend's number on iCloud
  26. My friends (and now saviours) brought the keys over so I could finally head home to see my dad
  27. When I got home, my mum was there. We waited for my brother to get home from work and we headed back to the hospital where my dad was in emergency waiting for a bed as they wanted to keep him overnight to observe him
  28. At the hospital, my dad seemed fine. The doctor confirmed that he had blood clots. Not a stroke but they needed to monitor him for 72 hours in case he did have one. We waited a few hours with him for a bed and by 9pm he told us to go home.
  29. On our way home as we were waiting at the red lights a girl rammed into the back of my brother's car.
  30. We pulled over, she was apologetic and we exchanged details as she had full insurance
  31. On our way home we got McDonalds
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    I hadn't had McDonalds in the longest time, it seemed an ok time to let myself do it.
  32. Not the way I had hoped to bid adieu to 2015, but I'm so grateful it all happened last year... Things can only get better