As a self-confessed feeder, I love nothing more than baking desserts for friends to stuff their faces with. Here are a couple of my go-to dessert. This is the best way for me to keep track of the recipes
  1. Caramel Slice
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    I use an old Country Women's Association recipe, so it's a sure-win. This is the closest online recipe I could find but use vegetable instead of copha for chocolate topping
  2. Chocolate & raspberry brownies
  3. Rainbow cake
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    Great for little kids & 65th birthdays. I simply make vanilla cake and use food coloring. You can make it rainbow colours of various shades of one colour
  4. Chocolate chip cookies
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    These stay soft and chewy. You can dye them for seasonal holidays or if your favorite little person's favorite colour is blue
  5. Gingerbread men
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    I use a Donna hay recipe I find I have to fridge them for a little longer for more effective cutting
  6. White chocolate & pistachio pavlova with rose water cream
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    The pavlova recipe is a friend's family one then I add shaved white chocolate and crushed pistachios (or no but for nut allergies and just cocoa for chocolate ones)... Then for he cream just add rose water when making them
  7. Hot Chocolate lava cakes
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    Nigella's recipe not my photo.., I serve with ice cream