Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. I had been set up by a friend of a friend
    I was in my early 30s and my friend-of-a-friend was in her mid 60s. She said she'd known this guy since he was little and was good friends with his parents. Assured me he was a great guy
  2. He got in touch with me and we arranged to meet at a cafe near his place
    Kudos to him for being willing to be set up by his mum's friend
  3. He told me, prior to meeting via text, that he was an engineer
    I don't believe in pre-stalking men online before meeting them
  4. I got to our meeting spot early...
    So I ordered a coffee and a slice of my favorite cake
  5. He called when he got there and to figure out who I was
    When he called, I saw someone who looked older than my father. I know this makes me sound like a superficial cow he didn't tickle my fancy at first glance but I thought perhaps he was a nice guy...
  6. We shook hands and I suggested he also order a coffee and cake
    He said he only drank coffee he brewed himself because he was a coffee snob and thought coffee was overpriced THEN told me he would just eat whatever I left over from my piece of cake
  7. I told him I would eat my whole piece of cake
    Thank you very much
  8. He then asked me what my interests were
    Like it was a job interview or he had memorized the survey questions from an online dating service
  9. I told him I liked socializing; meeting with mates for a meal or a drink
    He told me he didn't see the point in paying for a drink when he could drink 10 at home for the same price
  10. I told him I love travel
    He said he didn't see the appeal of travel. Especially when you could get great "ethnic" food by driving out West
  11. He told me he liked Maths and science
    I told him I didn't really understand this subjects and hadn't touched them since high school
  12. He proceeded to monologue the significance of these areas in many aspects of life
    I think it went for a good 20 minutes.
  13. I told him he was hurting my head as I just didn't get it
    So he tried to explain using simpler real life examples... Bless him
  14. He told me he liked cars
    I told him I only knew the colour of cars ( my voice went higher in pitch and I started to twirl my hair)
  15. He explained how I could save money on petrol
    Apparently if you allow the car to stop naturally rather than hitting the brakes. I thought this unsafe and wondered what he was doing with all this money he was saving.
  16. He told me he looked forward to settling down and moving to a big family home
    I told him I loved apartment living and that I still had itchy feet for travel
  17. He told me he looked forward to having a dog
    I told him I hate dogs because they smell (who hates dogs... I couldn't stop the words as they fell out of my mouth)
  18. I hoped I made it clear we were not compatible and found that an hour had passed
    I politely ended the date and said it was lovely to meet him.
  19. But then he texted a few days later
    Again, kudos for effort.
  20. I don't believe in ignoring people, especially as he'd been so polite and made an effort
    Rather than lie, I told him I didn't think we were compatible. He agreed. We will probably bump into each other one day but not on a Wednesday night... He goes to the same Japanese restaurant for dinner Wednesday's for the bento box with no rice... I avoid the area that day of the week now
  21. After reading this list, this is not the worst date ever. I guess I've been lucky