Things About Me That May Help My List App Secret Santa

  1. I live in Australia
    Quarantine rules are really strict so no raw material such as wood or dried plants. Also, I understand that postage could be an issue and don't want burden anyone with that
  2. I love getting lost in books
    But have had very little time to sink my teeth into anything in the longest time. It's summer here and I'm a teacher so I have a 7 week break starting tomorrow. I am looking forward to spending many days beach side. The last book I really enjoyed reading was "Lost and Found" by Brooke Davis, I had the most fun reading "The book with no pictures" by BJ Novak to my friends' kids (also anything by Shaun Tan) and I love re-reading anything by David Sedaris
  3. I also really enjoy baking and cooking
    I like trying new things and hosting dinners. I have recently discovered the joys of slow cooking... But I'll probably have to take a break from this as we head into 40 degree (sorry, that's Celsius) days
  4. If I had all the money in the world I would spend the rest of my days travelling
    I recently drafted a few lists of number the countries of been to (35) and American States I've visited (21) but felt like a bit of a arrogant twat posting these. What I love about travel is the experiencing new places, foods and people.
  5. I'm in the secret Santa for the fun of it
    I just thought it would be a quirky and kind thing to be a part of so will be grateful and excited by anything you think is unique and interesting about where you come from