Things I Did at the Races Today

The last time I went to the races I swore never to go again. The mistreatment of horses, the destructive nature of gambling, the drunks (yes, present company included) and the not getting an uber to get me home was enough to turn me off forever, until I got a free pass to a members area and fancy catered party with free flowing champagne
  1. Ate
    There were 3 tents catered by 3 of the best restaurants in Sydney. This delicious plate came courtesy of China Doll
  2. Got a tan
  3. Drank
    My new summer drink is Rosemary infused vodka with orange juice... Except it's now autumn?
  4. Did I mention eating?
    King prawn bruschetta with gold magic on them by Icebergs
  5. And drank
  6. Then ate again
    More gold
  7. Saw some horses
  8. And a few more
  9. Won some money
    By putting a little faith in a horse called "Believe"
  10. Danced
    No photo. Some moments are meant to be enjoyed not recorded
  11. Then managed to get an uber home
  12. I might be back, but the bar has been raised