I read an article on how children are to precious today and need to be told some home truths. Recollecting on the things my parents used to say to me has made realise that perhaps somethings they (my mother) said were not ok to tell an impressionable little person
  1. If you break anything in the shop, we won't pay for damages, we'll just leave you there instead.
    Till this day, I cannot walk through a glassware section without feeling anxiety crawling up my throat
  2. Don't show anyone otherwise they will call social services and you will never see us again.
    Before cupping and acupuncture became mainstream, My parents did a mild form of cupping on our back when we were little to get rid of the bad "air" when we were sick. We were told to keep the markings covered otherwise we'd never see each other ever again. I'm sure this has caused some body issues or separation anxiety?
  3. If you say that again, I'll fill your mouth with chillis
    Basically the Eastern equivalent of washing one's mouth out with soap but so much more severe. I didn't eat chillies or any form of spicy food till I was in my mid to late 20s...
  4. You know you are my favourite child
    And then you would hear your brother being told the same thing
  5. When I die...
    My ma has been saying this since I was 12... She's been "dying" for over 20 years and has a good 40 years to go