It has been a really hectic week with friends and family arriving from overseas; 4 birthday celebrations; and many mini reunion/Xmas party
  1. This week I have made over 600 Xmas chocolate chip cookies for gifts
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  2. Made a banoffee pie for a birthday cake
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  3. Made coloured ricotta hotcakes for late night desserts
  4. Made 4 trays of lasagne for a "small" pre-pre Christmas family gathering
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  5. Taught my culinary-phobic cousin how to make a basic boscaiola pasta (her favorite and super easy)
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  6. Made 3 big trays of macaroni and cheese for my fourth "Thanksgiving" dinner this year
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    My friend wanted this meal for his birthday... It was awesome.
  7. Made pecan pie slice for aforementioned Thanksgiving/birthday dinner
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  8. Made 27 mini pavlova bases and 1.5L of rose-flavoured whipped cream
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  9. Experimented with a new date loaf recipe
    Added pecans instead of walnuts. Forgot to add vanilla but I hear that it was still delicious
  10. Made 2 large trays of caramel slice for Xmas day
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  11. Meanwhile, I am in the process of moving hell
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  12. So tonight on Xmas eve, I have declined all invitations
  13. Ordered some seafood from the fish shop downstairs
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    A very Australian Xmas meal
  14. And enjoyed the sun and this view of the Sydney skyline in quiet solitude
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