Europe is cool too.
  1. I was in Amsterdam last week for a medical conference.
    3 days of conference with one tourist 'walking all around the city' day.
  2. & of course I had to meet up with's residential Dutch person, @franksars !
  3. We met for some drinks last Friday & it was really fun.
  4. My colleague was a bit skeptical about me going to meet a stranger from the Internet & prepared a plan to rescue me if needed.
    Which was nice but so was Frank so it all turned out okay. 🤗
  5. We talked a lot & had fun ✌️
  6. But we must have looked suspicious because the waiter didn't trust us not to run away.
  7. I think we look like nice, friendly people, right?
    (That red light makes us look sunburned but summer hasn't been good enough for that)
  8. So, talk to strangers on the Internet & go hang out with them - they are nice people. 😊😊
    Most of them at least :))