Icelandic is a fun language. ✌️
  1. Gluggaveður
    When the weather looks good through the window & then you go outside & it's freezing and/or windy. This is a very handy word. Literally: window weather.
  2. Rúntur
    A popular route that you drive again & again while hanging out. A very popular teenage activity. (In my hometown the 'rúntur' is basically the main road so you have to do a U-turn at both ends)
  3. Kviðmágur
    Someone who has slept with the same person that you have slept with. Literal translation: Abdomen-brother-in-law.
  4. Flugdólgur
    You know those people who cause trouble on flights & sometimes have to be restrained? We've made a word for that - could be translated as a 'flight hooligan'
  5. Ástfanginn
    The adjective for being in love. Literally means 'love imprisoned'