2 & a half months in.
  1. I'm only half way through medical school & everyone here is either a PhD student or a senior Doctor/professor.
    I am way behind on knowledge & experience. I have to remind myself regularly that no one expects me to know everything (except maybe me).
  2. Everything happens VERY SLOWLY
    I started on the 1st of September & the official start of my project was the 1st of October. The real start is sometime this week.
  3. I just got paid today. 🤑
    For October. And the tax was all messed up so they took more than half of my money. Now I have to send some emails and ask what's going on.
  4. I am slowly getting over my fear of email.
    Had a little fall-back last week when I added someone to an email that wasn't supposed to be on it. Nothing embarrassing but still uncomfortable.
  5. I am excited about starting my project but also very nervous that I'll screw something up
    I have to recruit healthy people from the local book bank to be a part of 'control' group of two different studies. And then I have to interview the persons in the control group & rate their symptoms. (Which will hopefully be relatively easy since they are healthy.)
  6. I share an office with a nurse who has a lot of 'Interviews'
    So I have to hang out other places a lot - it's very disruptive. I am going to see if I can take over a desk from someone who is stopping on the 1st of December
  7. There is a lot of paper everywhere
  8. I have realized how much time I usually spend studying.
    I have so much free time - even though I try to spend 7-8 hours at work every day. It's almost too much but I've tried to balance it out by reading a lot of books for fun & refreshing the List App.