Some are prettier than others. 😏 I have always loved football & went through a pretty obsessive phase from 2010 to 2012 🙄⚽️ (this list seems to be revealing a hidden side of me 😳)
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    David Beckham
    My first love. My cousin told me to support Manchester United & then I bought a pack of football collecting cards and got a SHINY David Beckham. There was no going back. Then he married my favorite Spice Girl 😍
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    Gary Neville
    Legend. Has also turned out to be a really good commentator! 👌
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    Paul Scholes
    Absolute pleasure to watch on the field. My second favorite red head in the world.
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    Ryan Giggs
    A legend. I once started crying thinking about him retiring, he is now retired but still involved with the club. ❤️
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    Mesut Özil
    My beautiful bug-eyed prince. I have loved him since the World Cup of 2010 & feel weirdly protective of him. I don't like his current team but he's been playing really well this season & it's a hard time for us.
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    Bastian Schweinsteiger
    Excellent name 👌 Also he finally joined Manchester United & everything is beautiful. 😍
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    Esteban Granero
    This beautiful hipster pirate played for Real Madrid & studied at university at the same time. (I have no idea where he is now)
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    Gonzalo Higuaín
    Such a cute dumb idiot. Scored a lot of goals for Real Madrid which is very good. I also love his nose. (+ the only person I have had a sex dream about - I was in Madrid & it was weird 😳)
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    Iker Casillas
    The absolute best human being. Mr Real Madrid - treated horribly in the last couple of years. 😭
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    Martin Kelly
    Met him in 2011. He's tall & has a pretty face & the ball just started rolling. He scored a goal last weekend & my friend texted me about it. I may have also cried when he scored his first goal for his childhood club (which I don't like at all!!!).
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    Phil Jones
    Makes the best faces while playing. ✌️
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    David De Gea
    Literal light of my life. I have loved him from day 1 & through all the hate he got in the first year. He regularly saves Manchester United's life & is the best. 😍
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    Francesco Totti
    Italia. No words needed.
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    Gianluigi Buffon
    Again. 🇮🇹