1. I'm home in Iceland for the holidays so I decided to go to church with my family.
  2. We had to show up early because my brother is playing guitar in the worship band.
  3. So I am just waiting for the service to start.
  4. Talking to some random people that know my parents.
  5. When my ex-boyfriend's mom walks in 😳
    I've had one boyfriend in my life - I was 17 & it lasted 6 weeks.
  6. She's really nice & asks me about school & how things are in Denmark but it's also a tiny bit awkward because the only reason she knows me is because I used to visit her house a lot in those 6 weeks.
    She also taught me how to fold a burrito.
  7. Her daughter is also one of my brother's best friends
    The world is too small.
  8. (Maybe it isn't that awkward but I am also very tired this morning & not in total control of my feelings.)