My teenage years were spent covering my walls with posters & crying over the fact that bands don't come to Iceland. 😭
  1. Spice Girls
    My first taste of obsession. I spent a few months of my 7th year making elaborate dance routine to all of their songs.
  2. Busted
    My first long-lasting obsession. They broke up a month after I moved to a completely new town. There were A LOT of tears.
  3. McFly
    Found out about them through Busted & spent a lot of years following their every move, memorizing their favorite chocolate bars & crying about my parents not being rich enough to take me to a concert in England. (I saw them as McBusted in London earlier this year - it was awesome ✌🏻️)
  4. Son Of Dork
    Needed something to replace Busted. They actually kind of sucked though.
  5. All Time Low
    There was a time when I dreamed of being able to go to Warped tour & where I read countless fan fiction about exactly that. (I saw them warm up for Green Day in Copenhagen a couple of years ago - it was nice.)
  6. The Maine
    This obsession definitely stems from me being insanely attracted to John O'Callaghan & then liking their music as well. (Also currently checking their new album out since I haven't listened to them in a few years ✌🏻️)
  7. One Direction
    I promised myself not to get dragged into this madness. Then there was the Little Things video & Niall was so cute with his solo. And here I am 3 years later. I've seen them live twice (perks of being an adult & living in continental Europe) & my favourite is Louis - because he is ONLY a year younger than me.