I got sudden chest pain last night & it was a roller coaster ride! ✌🏻️
  1. *chest pain appears*
  3. Okay, it's not that likely - calm down
  4. But I have that weird heart thing - maybe it's beginning to affect me.
    I was the test person when we learned about electrocardiograms & we found out that my heart is not like most people's - but apparently it's normal. ❣
  5. *calls my mom*
  6. She didn't answer - fine I'll die alone.
  7. Maybe if I take my bra off
  8. Nope the pain is still there
  9. Find my stethoscope to listen to my heart
    It's beating?
  10. Remember that I haven't actually learned what normal hearts sound like
    Other than 'lup-dup'
  11. Google image search for chest anatomy to figure out what is hurting
  12. Gastric reflux?
  13. Breast cancer?
  14. *calls stepdad to get access to mom*
  15. Try to explain - end up crying a lot
  16. Mom thinks it's stress, which I kind of agree with - since it got better while I was talking to her.
  17. *go to bed*
  19. *go to work*
  20. *do some work, while thinking about chest pain*
  21. *end up calling my doctor's office*
  22. The receptionist asks me a lot of questions
    very good!
  23. Says it might be a muscle strain
    Which makes sense since it hurts more when I move my arms or stretch my chest (is that even a thing?) - but I have done literally nothing to strain my chest.
  24. Then I coughed a couple of times & convinced myself that I might have pneumonia.
    One of the symptoms is CHEST PAINS.
  25. I am also nervous about tomorrow so my heart has been beating a lot more noticeably than normal.
  26. Status: it's almost 24 hours later and I still have that pain but I think it might just be a muscle strain.