Or more accurately going to SLEEP at a proper time - since I have been in bed for this whole time
  1. *10 PM*
  2. I'm really tired, I'm just going to go to bed
  3. Wow I will actually get a lot of sleep tonight
  4. This is going to be great
  5. I'm just going to check Facebook really quick
  6. Okay nothing exciting is happening - I'll just sleep
  7. Maybe I should read a couple of lists?
  8. *the list app happens*
    I haven't checked it properly in a couple of days - why is life so busy? I need to make time for it in my life.
  9. *11:30 PM*
  10. I will get a moderate amount of sleep tonight - if I go to sleep now & fall asleep right away.
    Which doesn't happen a lot
  11. Hmm I haven't written a lot of lists this week - I should probably let people know I am alive
  12. HI I AM ALIVE 👋🏻
    Just somewhat busy & really tired. (Also with limited list ideas 🙃)
  13. Good night! 😘
    Or good day! Just be good & have a good one,
  14. 😴😴😴