Inspired by @kellydehoop
  1. I always know what to make for dinner.
  2. I keep all my plants alive.
    I have killed a lot of succulents. 🌵🌱
  3. My mom always has time to talk to me when I call.
  4. My mom calls me first.
  5. I find the perfect pair of blue jeans & they don't tear in the groin after 3 months.
    Biking everywhere does this to jeans.
  6. My bike always works.
  7. I shave my legs & don't miss those hairs on the back of my ankle.
  8. I never have a reading slump again.
  9. I run 5K without dying.
  10. It doesn't snow in Denmark this winter.
    Snow in Iceland is fine, I don't have to bike around there.
  11. My nephews are born before the 5th of January (but not too early.)
    My flight back is that day
  12. I eat breakfast every day.
  13. My iPhone headphones and charger never die.
  14. My thighs stop chafing.
  15. My room stays tidy.
  16. I write something in my journal every day.
  17. Flight prices drop.