Reflections and frustrations from the blood bank.
  1. I am currently doing a pre-graduate research year in psychiatry
  2. My research project is a part of a bigger project about using smartphones as an electronic measure of disease-activity in people with bipolar disorder
  3. I am the one doing the 'healthy-control' group
  4. I spend 2-3 days a week at the local blood bank asking people if they want to participate in the project
  5. It's going alright, except for the fact that our app is currently only available for Android.
    Apple are very reluctant to give us access to the data we want to. Which is good for security reasons but not so good for research reasons.
  6. So basically half of the work I am doing is trying to figure out who has an Android telephone & then hoping they want to talk to me & want to participate
  7. About 90 % of the people who donate blood here have iPhones. 😫
  8. It's a bit frustrating.
    The fact that we have server problems, which means we can't start the people who are willing to participate - is very frustrating as well.
  9. Research seems to be a bit frustrating in general.
  10. I am convinced that I will grow as a person in these frustrating times
    Or at least I hope so.