I am really good at thinking too much & worrying! ✌️ (also I need to put 'list app' on my calendar so I can keep up with everything & everyone on here)
  1. What to watch on Netflix
    Do I binge watch this new series or continue with the one I am slowly watching? Should I watch Lost from the beginning?
    Checking for likes every 5 seconds after posting something. Wanting to delete posts/lists/photos that don't get a lot of likes.
  3. Not posting enough on social media
    I live abroad & sometimes I feel like I should post more on Facebook to update people on my life. But there's nothing happening in my life & I have no lists to write & no photos to put on Instagram.
  4. Not being funny enough on the Internet
  5. What people think about me
  6. Money
  7. Depending too much on my parents
  8. What this research year is going to end up looking like
    I am currently enjoying it though.
  9. Where I am going to live when I finish school
    In 3,5 years.
  10. The future