My friend, Linda, & I spent all day together. 👯👯👯
  1. Church is always lovely
  2. We went to my favorite bookstore
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  3. I could stay there forever
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  4. I can't leave without buying a book 🙊
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    I finished The Silkworm yesterday so this made sense.
  5. We got some Almond & Honey hot chocolate at Starbucks
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  6. It was a beautiful day
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  7. We found a second-hand book sale in a church 😱📚
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  8. And I bought 2 cheap books
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    I have a book-buying problem I know.
  9. The Danes are really excited about Christmas beer
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    Fake-snow & everything
  10. Linda got me tickets to a football game for my birthday!
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    The Copenhagen Derby 💪🏻⚽️
  11. We had a lot of fun!
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  12. And now we're home waiting for Linda's phone to charge before she bikes home.
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