IN 2015 I...

  1. Started reading again.
    Went from being the person that likes reading but doesn't really get any done to having read 53 books this year (so far).
  2. Explored London by myself for a couple of days
    I had a couple of days alone in London before my friend showed up. It was pretty awesome & a good way to travel alone when I am not brave enough to actually do that.
  3. Discovered audiobooks
    🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 perfect for finals time when my conscience won't allow me to sit down to a read a book that is not for school.
  4. Found out that I am going to be an aunt
    Might even become one this year - the due date for the twins is apparently very hard to predict.
  5. Went on my first 'drive to another country' vacation with a couple of friends.
    A camping vacation in France
  6. Took a break from my studies & started a research year in psychiatry
    It's been a bit tough but good.
  7. Saw Sufjan Stevens live
  8. Turned 25
    Feel like I should feel more grown-up but that's just life I guess. ✌🏻️