I haven't had any plans for a week now. I've texted a couple of friends but everyone is really busy these days. I enjoy 'me-time' but this is getting ridiculous. Oh the joys of being a social introvert.
  1. I decided to go on a walk while it's still light outside.
    The sun sets at 3:37 PM today.
  2. Hello December sun
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  3. I went to the bookstore.
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    There were A LOT of people. I didn't buy anything & nothing really caught my eye. (Which is good because I have too many books I should be reading before buying new ones.)
  4. Then I went to the grocery store
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    Bought some cleaning supplies & other things we need for the apartment. And bagels, they are important.
  5. Listened to an episode of Undisclosed during all of this.
  6. Bought myself flowers.
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    Because I can (& no one else will.)
  7. Plans for the rest of the day are:
  8. Eating a bagel at some point
  9. Finishing Blue Lily, Lily Blue
  10. Finally picking up one of the books from my shelf
    I've been reading a lot of library books lately.
  11. Netflix