*sigh* a follow up to this list: I THINK I MIGHT BE DEVELOPING A CRUSH
  1. Last week I went out to dinner with some people & came home with a somewhat crush on this guy.
    🙃 We had a good conversation at a wedding in September & since then we've had this good connection.
  2. I decided that I would just 'not think about it' & see what happens.
    Very good plan. 💯
  3. I'll see him again on Friday at a Christmas dinner party thing.
  4. This week has been busy & I've been stressed & worried about work so I haven't had time to think about him.
  5. Which was perfect.
  6. Until I dreamt about him.
  7. Twice.
  8. & now I am terribly confused & there are butterflies in my stomach & I feel like I am 15.
  9. And I am worried that I will act weird on Friday.
  10. Thanks, brain.