Everything can be a problem if you think enough (too much). ✌️📚
  1. Library books
    They don't come for weeks & then suddenly they come two at a time, demanding to be read. 🙃
  2. Audiobooks from the library
    Pop up on my phone when they are available & then demand all of my time. 'Expires in 21 days' 😱😱😱
  3. My 'to be read' pile
    I have at least 3 books I'd like to start reading right now but the library books have a time limit.
  4. Podcasts
    There are about 30 episodes sitting in my feed. This isn't really a book problem but the audiobooks are causing it!
  5. Time
    The lack of it more precisely. But I guess this is a universal problem. 🤗