1. Icelanders have a strong tradition of eating chocolate eggs filled with candy on Easter Sunday.
  2. They come in various sizes with various chocolate-y flavors. Licorice is popular & so is salted caramel.
    This one is rather small & just plain Easter egg chocolate.
  3. Traditionally children wake up early on Easter Sunday to search the house for their hidden Easter egg. Some parents make long, complicated treasure searches with many clues.
    Mine usually just hid it somewhere super ridiculous & we spent 15 minutes looking for them, before getting 'hot-cold' clues.
  4. The egg has this fun lid on the backside
  5. And candy on the inside!
    This egg has the best chocolate but the worst variety of candy inside :-/
  6. The small version doesn't have a lot of candy inside
    (I have a bigger one that I am bringing with me back to Copenhagen on Tuesday 🙈)
  7. Icelandic Easter eggs all come with proverbs.
    Some are traditional & other are just weird jokes.
  8. 'Few things are more bitter than old times.' - from one of the old Icelandic sagas
  9. & here's the status of it almost 8 hours later
    I've been cheating & eating my parents' giant egg as well. It had better candy 😉
  10. I hope you're enjoying this Sunday! 😘