1. My mom has been sober for 17 years today. 🎉🎉🎉
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  2. She's such a hero.
  3. She had a terrible childhood.
    She suffers from PTSD because of it.
  4. Had me at 18, my sister at 23 & then a divorce at 24.
    A single mom of 2 sounds tough enough without all the other problems.
  5. Stopped drinking, found faith & met & married my stepdad within one year.
    She says those first couple of years of marriage where REALLY tough.
  6. Had 2 more kids
  7. Has been working at a rehab facility for about 5 years now - helping other people becoming sober
  8. Is dealing with her childhood trauma by seeing a therapist
    She'll have days where she can't do anything because she had a rough session. But she keeps going & is so aware of when she's reacting to her childhood trauma instead of the situation at hand.
  9. Has just started school this year to start a long journey towards becoming a therapist herself
    She's 43 & she hasn't been to school properly since before I was born, 25 years ago.
  10. She's one of my best friends & I'm just so thankful for this day 17 years ago.
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