My Monday suddenly became very Monday-ish with frustrations at work. I've also been having a lot of days were I don't feel too good - I've decided to call it a 'soul flu' - and these are the people who have helped today.
  1. My friend Rakel
    I sent her my frustrations via FB message as they were happening & she just responded in the best way. We've been friends for 13-14 years & she just knows when to say what I need to hear. 👯
  2. One Direction
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    Watched a bit of their video with Nick Grimshaw. Their loveliness made me smile & Harry was extra cute with this app to help him speak because he was on voice rest.
  3. My friend Christina
    She came by after school & we made dinner & watched a movie. Just some quality time with a relatively new friend. We both had a long day today and another long one tomorrow so it was nice just to relax.
  4. My mom
    Only talked to her for like a minute because she was about to drive. She answered the phone with a silly joke & it was just perfect.
  5. My stepdad
    Talked to him for about an hour, about everything & nothing. Felt a lot better afterwards. ❤️
  6. (I should probably go to sleep now so I don't have time to feel bad again)