Something like this happens every night. I dream of magically waking up as a type A person one day.
  1. Phone calls to Iceland
    They are one hour behind & suddenly it's 11:30 PM & I haven't even brushed my teeth.
  2. Suddenly remember 5 things I need to do.
    Answer an email, send a Facebook message, find the notes for tomorrow, etc.
  3. I'm just going to finish this chapter
    It always ends up being the longest chapter yet.
  4. Social media is too fun
    When I'm finally in bed I just need to check Facebook one more time & then Twitter & Instagram & the list app.
  5. Finding the perfect podcast to fall asleep to is difficult.
    It needs to be interesting so I can focus on it but I also want to fall asleep to it. (I use the sleep timer & then listen to it again in the morning)
  6. I'm not tired
    But I've been tired all day?! 🙃
  7. I need to pee.
  8. I also need to worry a lot about tomorrow before I can let it happen.
  9. I have literally no idea - can I blame it on my personality type?
    I mean I am literally writing this list at midnight in bed when I wanted to be asleep by 11 PM.