1. I've just come home to my apartment in Copenhagen after spending 2 weeks home in Iceland.
  2. There are mixed feelings to be had.
  3. It's always good to come home to my own apartment but it's so far away from my family & I love spending time with them.
  4. My little sister has got an appointment on Friday to give birth to her twins.
    I wish I could've stayed home longer but I need to go to work/research.
  5. Even though I spent a lot of time with my family I didn't really talk to my mom.
    There were all kinds of things like her becoming a grandma, the holidays with all the people and planning they bring, a foster child that needed A LOT of attention & of course my very pregnant sister who deserved all of the attention.
  6. But fortunately talking can be done on the phone.
  7. Also living abroad makes some friendships kind of strange.
    Sometimes they'll feel superficial but at the same time they're rooted in deep things.
  8. & now I'm going to shower (yuck planes) & start 'Making a Murderer' because that seems to be the thing that I missed while I was home
    & then I might have to unpack & think of some fun lists to make. 😌