The big things from when I was 6 to when I was 14. Puberty is just full of confusing, somewhat scary things so we'll leave them out. 👻
  1. Sleepovers
    I remember this being bad before my parents got divorced but it got ridiculous afterwards. I'd lie awake & cry silently so I wouldn't wake the others up. We had a 4 day long class trip when I was 12 & I ended up sleeping on the floor in the teachers' room. I got diagnosed with 'separation anxiety' shortly afterwards but fortunately it 'disappeared' when I was 14.
  2. Not being able to sleep
    I used to take a bus every other Friday to visit my dad & even though I had no problems about it I could never fall asleep the night before. I remember a lot of sleepless nights from when I was 12-13. Trying to wait 20, maybe 30 minutes before sneaking into my mom's bedroom to tell her about it. I remember one terrible night where I woke up convinced that my whole family had disappeared. The short walk to my mom's bedroom was really scary.
  3. Elevators
    When I was 6 or 7 we lived in a neighborhood with a lot of tall buildings so there were elevators everywhere. They were dodgy and kids used to play in and around them - jumping, pressing all buttons etc. I remember 2 different times I got stuck in the elevator. Once with a kind of creepy boy. After that I took the stairs
  4. The dark hallway on the 5th floor
    I once hung out with a couple of boys who were playing Tomb Raider (we were 6 or 7 - it seems ridiculous now) & there was this cannibal monster that ate Lara Croft. I somehow convinced myself that this cannibal monster lived on the 5th floor of my building. We lived on the 6th floor so I always run up that part of the stairway.
  5. The crazy lady that lived next door to my little sister's home daycare provider
    SHE HATED CHILDREN! And every time a child walked past her door she would bang on her door and if you lingered she'd start opening her door. I sometimes had to pick up my sister alone (we lived in the building next door) & we'd run past her door - scared that she was going to eat us or something. Today I can see that she was really mentally ill but back then she was just really scary.
  6. The two guys from my apartment building when I was 13
    They were obviously somewhat psychologically/emotionally/socially disabled but I'd play with them because we lived in the same building. One night we were watching a Star Wars cartoon & they started talking about how I was the girl in that and then one of them stroked my arm or something & I freaked out and ran out & up the stairs & home. They chased me a bit but I was faster - I was convinced that they were going to rape me & avoided them after that.
  7. My mom thinking I had an eating disorder
    I am the kind of person who forgets to eat. Sometimes I'd come home from school, do my homework & then play the Sims for 5 hours without realizing that I hadn't had lunch. I was also a super tall, super skinny kid before puberty hit. She threatened to send me to a therapist which was scary because I wanted to eat, I just forgot.