I keep changing bags so the content varies based on where i've been & what I've been doing. Inspired by @shanaz
  1. Here's the bag: a not-too-big & not-too-small one from H&M
    You can actually fit a 0.5 L bottle in there which is perfect for a Coca-Cola addict like me.
  2. My keys.
    I hope the size makes them easier to find in a bag. It doesn't always work.
  3. A 3 meter long charger cable for my iPhone 🙌🏻
  4. Headphones - not tangled for once
  5. My purse with cards, coins & money inside.
  6. Plus this box which has some ibuprofen + paracetamol & my Icelandic sim-card
  7. Candy
  8. String lights
    Went to a Christmas dinner party last night & had to help with decorating.
  9. Batteries for the string lights
  10. A snack
  11. A pen
  12. Lip stuff
    It was a somewhat fancy dinner party
  13. Mascara
  14. Hand lotion