I really don't like to run but I try to do it regularly. Here are some of the reasons why:
  1. It's good for my mental health
    #1 reason. Depression runs (heh) in my family & even though I've never had an episode I can tell that I have some of the traits of it. Running gets the endorphins going which is good.
  2. I can listen to podcasts without being too distracted
    I find running really boring so I listen to podcasts to focus on something else. That makes for a really good listening-experience.
  3. Being outside in the park
    Fresh air! Cute dogs! Cute babies! Pretty autumn colors.
  4. It's good for my physical health
    And I want to stay fit! Or like get fit & then stay fit.
  5. It's a challenge every time but it always feels great afterwards
    Like a small victory 💪🏻🏃
  6. I get to wear my super cool sports bra