Just give me one of these things & my life will magically become so much better than it is today. ✌🏻️(probably not though)
  1. Finding, owning & wearing the perfect dress.
    I have no idea what this perfect dress looks like but I have this feeling that if I just find it & wear it a lot my life will become a lot better.
  2. The perfect hair cut
    No idea what this is.
  3. Mastering the half-up bun
    I have become a fan of this hairstyle but it's hard to do when I wear a helmet when I bike. & I bike everywhere.
  4. A boyfriend
  5. Being able to run 5K
    This will probably make me feel better though
  6. A pair of blue skinny jeans
    I only have dark ones now. Shopping for jeans is a nightmare.
  7. The perfect planner
    Suggested by @oholivia