1. How to keep my bathroom sink from clogging
    Fill it with hot water & then let it all drain through. Repeat every 14 days.
  2. The fungi on my bathroom ceiling
    Apparently very normal in bathrooms & easy to get rid of. Just scrub it off without something that will kill the fungi.
  3. Interior design
    My roommate's bed is blocking the radiator from properly warming up her bedroom.
  4. Feng shui
    Something about energy passing by - I don't know.
  5. How to make sure the heat will always work in our apartment
    Keep the radiators on at all times and they'll regulate the temperature. Something about central heating.
  6. 😳😳😳
    The cute guy is my janitor. Sometimes I'll pass him on the street in the evening & he'll say 'hi' very enthusiastically. I think me and my roommate might ask the janitors more questions than the average person.